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Name:a creative works community
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Community description:fan fiction by Amber.
This is where [personal profile] amber will be posting her original fiction, fanworks, and anything else creative she wants to archive or share.

Feel free to join or subscribe (only [personal profile] amber can post.) Reviews, comments and constructive criticism are welcome but never necessary. You're free to use OpenID or comment anonymously if you don't have a Dreamwidth account.

A few notes about the organization:

Fics are posted in approximate order of writing, from most recent to least.

You can organize stories by fandom, character, pairing or kink using the tags page.

The Adult Content system is used in place of conventional fandom ratings: No Adult Content = PG and G; 14+ = R and PG13; 18+ = NC17.

Likely squicks or triggers are marked in the notes. For a specific (and occasionally spoilery) list of content, check the tags for the entry.

Stories marked as "jossed" contain content that was later contradicted by canon. Stories marked as "au" are deliberate deviations from canon.

In regards to the length categories: Drabbles are exactly 100 or 200 words. Short is anything less than 1500. Medium is anything less than 5000. Long is 5000+. Novel-length is anything with chapters. These are all pretty approximate.

A selection of these fic are also archived at An Archive of Our Own. Some of these fics were previously archived at [ profile] bentley, [ profile] versauen, [ profile] sneered, [ profile] supervillainny, [ profile] lips &/or [ profile] nurmengard. They are also archived on various sites under the pen-name "Greenie" or "Amber". Please ask before taking for your site.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the fandoms I write in. Unless a piece of writing is marked as "original", the characters and situations portrayed within them are the product of someone else's creative genius. But believe me, I don't make any money or profit from using them. Quotations from another source are always credited to their respective owners. Otherwise, the content in this journal belongs to Amber Greene and may not be reproduced without accreditation or used to make any form of profit.
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